My top 3 favorite websites

I wanted to express some love for a few websites.  These are personal favorites and I’ll explain why I love them so much in decent details.

    This website is a beautiful and elegant front end for the extremely powerful Jim Breem’s Japanese-English dictionary.  It took a fairly difficult to use resource and made it into a fun and rewarding experience.
    This has become an indispensible resource for nutrition information for me.  Founded as a non-profit project after the resounding success of a book of the same title.  The information is well cited and presented in a useful manner for both cooking and reference.
    The best on-line shopping experience I’ve ever had.  I find their suggestions to be worthwhile and the interface to be intuitive and attractive.  Payment is simple even in Japan, private sellers are typically quite reliable.  I’ve not had a bad experience with amazon.

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