Another Nearby Hike

I hiked Naruyama (成山) in Ino town with a good ALT friend from Kochi city this past weekend.  It was a hiking target that has been on my list for a long while and I almost hiked it before but decided time was too short and the trail too rough for the clothes we had been wearing at that time.

This time around the trail was better maintained and the time right.  We went up the trail around noon and ended up shedding winterwear down to t-shirts to accommodate the incredible sunny weather.  We made it to the summit in less than an hour and a half and had ourselves an outstanding view of the center of the prefecture.  I was absolutely blown away at the visibility.  The top of the mountain has been cleared in one place resulting in an unobstructed view of Kochi-ken from the Niyodo river all the way past Nankoku with Muroto clearly visible in the distance.  Turning around and we saw the snow capped peaks at the center of Shikoku.  Unfortunately it was the first time I’d spotted those peaks so I couldn’t identify what was what in terms of mountains.

You can drive to the summit as well, but it’s a short hike and quite pretty, despite a nearby house or two and a portion of the trail eroding away.  There are steep portions but they peter off into flat respites after a while as you reach the top of the ridge line.  There’s a variety of stuff around the summit including a memorial stone of a historical dude who had something to do with bringing Japanese paper making to Ino.

Check it out on google maps:,133.423719&spn=0.036333,0.055189&z=14

And a couple photos via my friend

View from Naruyama

Me at the summit of Naruyama

These pictures will link to my friends flickr page, but please also check out drownedbykappa’s photoblog for more amazing shots.


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