Bilingual Blogging バイリンガルブログ

I’ve decided to try to start the practice of writing my blogs bilingually.  The Japanese will be slightly different, probably less eloquent than the English but I hope to keep it more or less the same.  I’m always trying to find good and better ways to study and practice my Japanese.  I often give up on certain methods as they become boring or ineffective.  I also have come to appreciate a fact that I’ve known for a while, namely that when you associate newly learned words or grammar with your own life and experience it sticks much much better than if you just drill and drill with no context.


In other news I’ve recently configured Conky as a clock for my desktop.  It was a bit of a headache while I was repeatedly using the same typo’d command expecting different results.  Beware of using the command history incorrectly.


sudo cp Desktop/conky.conf /etc/conky/conky.con

Is not the same as


sudo cp Desktop/conky.conf /etc/conky/conky.conf


It took me about 20 minutes of banging my head against my fist until I noticed the missing “f” at the end.  Anyway it works beautifully as you can see in my screenshot below.  Conky config file is available as well.


Desktop Screenshot

Conky config file hosted on Google docs.



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2 responses to “Bilingual Blogging バイリンガルブログ

  1. Bilingual blogging – what a great idea. I’m sure it will help you. It will definitely give you plenty of practise translating into Japanese, thinking in Japanese and typing Japanese, too.

  2. Oops. Spelling mistake. Sorry. It should be … give you plenty of practice …

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