Live Action Role Taking

I love being a nerd.  It’s what makes me tick.  But, there are many aspects to my nerddom and I don’t feel like I can always invoke all of them.  I’ve also been sad about the fact that I feel inhibited from delving into my imagination like I did when I was a kid and I could just play pretend and do whatever.  Truthfully, if I were to do that now I think people would assume I was mentally unstable.  But, to some extent I can still use my imagination, invoke the various aspects of my nerddom, and accomplish daily life tasks and goals all at the same time.

It’s a method I’ve decided to dub, “Live action role taking”.  If you’re a good nerd, and I hope you are, you will have heard of live action role playing (LARP) and will have probably scorned it and those that participate.  LARP has gotten a bit more mainstream through movies like Monster Camp and Role Models but it’s still a niche thing.  There was a time I wanted to get into LARP but it was brief and ignorant of how most LARP was actually carried out.  Mostly I just wanted to play pretend again like when I was a little kid and not be shunned *sigh* No luck there.   Anyway, LART is like LARP except rather than completely immerse yourself in the role, you do one better, you bring the role into your life.

So far I’ve taken on the role of a Jedi knight in training, and a druid.  I’m picking a role every week and using it as an excuse to combine my imagination with random shit I need/want to do.  Like training for marathon relay even though I hate running, and taking care of my plants better, since I’m usually pretty bad at that.  Running is a lot more interesting when you can just pretend that it’s hard because Yoda’s sitting on your shoulders telling you to focus and that there is no try, only do or do not.  And taking care of plants is a lot more fun when you feel like a sworn caretaker and guardian of nature and all things green.  It’s also made me think more about my electricity consumption and inspired me to start a compost bucket.

I haven’t decided what’s coming next but I assume there will be many roles: sage, hacker, ninja, knight, ancient greek, etc.


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