Johnny ALT and his Adventures in Hidaka

I decided it might be fun and good study to make a comic with my adult Eikaiwa class.  The comic, or manga as they’re called in Japan, will feature a fictional American JET named Johnny ALT.  I just finished the character design this morning.

I made this as an SVG vector graphics file using Inkscape.  I made it in several layers which means it’s quite modular.  If I want to change the shoes, I just have to draw new ones, move the old ones out and drag the new ones into place.  The same is true for the other clothes, hair, face, etc.  It’s relatively easy to pose the arms without distorting them also, meaning I have a handy little platform for my manga.  The other thing I decided to do that will make this MUCH easier to accomplish is using real photographs from Hidaka as backgrounds instead of trying to draw them.  This gives me the benefit of not having to draw backgrounds and giving my Eikaiwa members something fun to inspire them to write funny and interesting dialogue.  The one downside is I can’t publish these freely to the web because I don’t own the copyright.  I’ll check about permissions though.


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  1. Sweet, sounds like a great idea. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

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