Improved quality of life

So it appears that I am losing body fat based on my measurements so far, even considering how often I lapse.  My actual net weight hasn’t really gone down particularly much, though that is actually quite optimal assuming the weight is being made up for by muscle mass.  But anyway, even if not I’ve decided to stick with the diet and exercise plan because my quality of life has improved a bit.

I’ve stopped eating the terrible bentou lunches they sell at the supermarket next to work and started eating fresh fruit and almonds, or going home and having a decent home-made lunch.  I’ve bought all the different vegetables I can find and started experimenting.  The other day I made a hearty champloo breakfast, this weekend I made gumbo (not quite paleo at all, but good and made with fresh, nutritious ingredients).  I’ve found that olive oil, salt, and black pepper dress salads quite sufficiently and I don’t really need or want sugary dressings anymore.  Recently I started getting plain yogurt and adding to it fresh, local grown blueberries and walnuts, makes for a fantastic breakfast.

Sleeping 8 hours whenever possible and getting up by 6-6:30 is nice too, I don’t like feeling rushed in the mornings and it gives me the opportunity to go for a run and make a good breakfast, and pack lunch if I need to.

The one challenge I’m having with matching my ideal, is getting sufficient heavy strength training in.  I like to go climbing once a week, and in order to climb effectively I  need to not workout too hard the day before, eliminating 1-2 potential workout days.  I have my adult eikaiwa class on Monday nights which more or less knocks out my opportunity to go to the gym then.  Down to 4-5 days available for it a week, I also try to squeeze in a swim at least once a week, and much like climbing this requires fresh muscles.  Down to 2 days a week, if I can I get in air squats and push ups at the least, and a trip to the playground or the gym at best, for dips and pull-ups, or compound weight lifts like the squat, dead-lift, overhead press, and bench press.  Unfortunately I often have social engagements filling those days.  It’s not impossible to get the workouts in, but it is challenging.

In non-fitness related news:  I’m working on developing my Fudge RPG adventure for this weekend’s game session.  I’m pushing through the Vorkosigan saga books on my Kindle.  Planning a small river-floating adventure with a few friends.  Trying to get together a small excursion to Hiroshima.  Studying Kanji every day at work (I’ve started the second list of 1000 kanji, as I wind up the first 1000).  And I recently got the JLPT Level 1 Kanzen Master grammar book to continue my Japanese grammar study deep into advanced, less often used bits of the language.  I’m really starting to feel like literacy is creeping up; I can read much more of the news that I look at and am surprised to find that when I actually try to read letters and other things I know… exactly what it’s saying more often than not.  I still can’t skim or take much meaning from a glance like I can with English, but that’s just a matter of continued practice.


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