Best spots for this and that, here and there across the globe

So, I haven’t been EVERYWHERE by any means, but I’ve been a few places and I saw a facebook status that reminded me of a place I really loved to get Dolmas from in college.  So I thought I would make up a list of things to try while you’re here or there, anywhere I’ve been across the world.

In Bedford, Virginia, USA, I recommend going to the Liberty Station for lunch, just about everything they serve is good and it’s a cool atmosphere inside an old Train Station.

In Lynchburg, Virgnia, USA there is a pretty fantastic pizza place and beer brewery on the river, it’s called Waterstone pizza and it’s a definitely worth a return trip next time I’m around Falwellville.

In Roanoke, Virginia, my favorite dinner restaurant is an international place called Montano’s,  I recommend the raspberry duck.  They have a ridiculously good beer and wine selection as well.

In Williamsburg, Virginia there are two places to stop by before leaving town:  For lunch hit the cheese shop, buy a sandwich, bread ends (with their special dipping sauce), sample some exotic and smelly cheeses, and get a pack of dolmas from the salad case.  Pair with a Dogfishhead 120 minute IPA or a Skullsplitter Scottish ale from their basement and enjoy a feast of a lunch.  For dinner and drinks that evening go to the Green Leafe deli and cafe, make sure you go on a Tuesday though to enjoy the discount “pint night” where you can get pitchers of any Virginia beer for 6 dollars each.  I recommend starting with a Legend Brown Ale and adventuring on from there.  The chips and salsa are a great appetizer and they have some other food if you really need it.

In Charlottesville VA the only truly must hit place is a Chinese dumpling store called Marco and Lucas on the downtown mall.  I unfortunately can’t eat the dumplings anymore since I turned about 20 and lost the ability to eat delicious meats… but it is a fond memory.  Best dumplings ever, and cheap too.

In Cleveland, there is a really awesome takeout pizza place, but I can’t remember the name of the store, so I’ll get back on that one as well.

In Tokyo, a few locations in fact, but the one I went to was in Shinjuku.  There is a bar called Bar Hermit, and it has far and away the best whiskey selection I’ve ever seen in my life.  A fabulous way to spend insane amounts of money very quickly.

In Florence, Italy, there is a fairly famous ice cream store called Vivoli’s.  They sell the best gelatto in the world.  Make it your mission to go there once in your life.

In Hidaka, Kochi, Japan there is a little dessert cafe called Kinjiro Imoya that sells many potato-based confections.  Their purple potato soft serve (or mixed with vanilla) is worth traveling for.  Their cakes are well above par for Japan too.

All over Japan there is an Udon noodle chain originated in Kagawa prefecture called Marugame Udon.  I recommend it highly, probably my favorite Udon I’ve had, and try to stop by whenever I have the chance.

I’ll try to expand this list as my personal experience expands.  There are tons of other places I like, but few that I recommend so highly as these.  For whatever reason I think they are uniquely spectacular in some way.


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