Bean Dip and Pushups

I successfully made Kidney Bean Tahini dip yesterday. It’s quite good. I’m topping fresh cabbage leaves with it for a good nutrient packed meal.

Yesterday I also busted out 37 pushups in my first set. I’ve been working on breaking 50 within 2 minutes and I might have actually done that last night… I wasn’t timing myself, but I barely squeezed out 13 more in my 2nd set with a few seconds break in between. This is definitely a personal record. I’ve been training by wearing a weighted backpack full of books and a couple 5kg hand weights and doing sets of 15 pushups. Also getting closer and closer to my goals of pullups with 10,7,7 on neutral grip and dips with 10,5,4. I think I’m successfully burning body fat again, hopefully make it down to 15% in a few months.

The typhoon kinda messed up my weekend plans of running 16k and going bouldering at a river in eastern Kochi… but I had a good time anyway and watched Sanctum. Now I’m excited about caving :-p and I might be going this weekend.

On the Kanji front, I’ve dropped down to below 600 unstudied kanji. It feels good to be in the 500s. I bought most of the rest of the series of Dragonball Z manga to improve my reading speed.

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on miniatures for D&D as well as translating the SRD into Japanese and formatting the English version into Kindle-friendly format including all the tables and such. I’ve made a lot of progress 🙂


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