Linux distributions I’m interested in

As sort of a follow up on my last post about Linux Desktops I wanted to take a few hundred words to mention some of the projects I’m interested in and why.

Crunchbang: Crunchbang is Debian derivative (previously based on Ubuntu but now returned to its grandfather distro of Debian).  It has two editions, an XFCE version and an Openbox version.  It’s a very well put together Debian compatible set-up.
Why I like it: Openbox comes beautifully preconfigured.

Mageia: Mageia is a recent community-based fork of Mandriva, a KDE-focused distro from Europe.  They recently established their infrastructure and put out version 1.  I tried it and it works pretty well, and I generally don’t like KDE.
Why I like it: The community and the goals of the project are pure.

Arch Linux: A customizers fantasy.  Arch also has an innovative packaging and repository system.  It’s been steadily gaining followers for the past few years.  I think in many ways it fills the same position that Slackware traditionally has as a good place to go to learn about how a Linux distribution is put together.  I haven’t tried to set-up an Arch system yet, but I’m intrigued by the idea.
Why I like it: It sticks to its guns as a “KISS” distro and wins at it.

Linux Mint: Linux Mint is the user-friendly distribution.  It’s what Ubuntu was trying to do, but then they missed the point and made Unity.
Why I like it: It just works… really really well.


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