Where free culture stands today

Free culture is basically the shared belief that information that can be copied at no cost and no effective lost of value, should be available freely not only to use, but to edit and redistribute without restriction as well.  On top of that many contributors to the free culture movement make content available for free even at a loss, with the belief that it benefits society and may gain them some recognition in the process.  Some might argue that the value of this recognition is compensation enough for their efforts.

I’d like to point out some fantastic developments in free culture, many centered around the internet.

Encyclopedic information has been super-effectively crowd-sourced by Wikipedia and similar projects.

A computer can run with full, comprehensive functionality and with cutting edge software without purchasing expensive OS or software licenses.  Some of these free OSes use Linux or Unix and the user-focused application software is available in vast troves of freedom-spawning software repositories as well as independent developers websites.

You can visually learn how to do just about anything from painting a picture of your dog, constructing a chair, folding an origami crane, take apart your car’s engine, to writing a novel (the list was written first and videos found to match afterward) on video hosting websites like youtube.  These tutorials and how-tos are made available by people who want to share their knowledge, often merely for the good of society.

Fitness resources so you can stay fit and healthy, with support from any one of numerous fitness groups, using video tutorials and detailed workout explanations, at the risk of following non-expert advice.  With a little common sense and skepticism these can be applied to great effect.


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