I know I’m note alone in this regard, but I felt I should point out if it ever seems that I lack focus, that I do in fact lack focus.  I see this however as a good thing.  Check out a brief list of some of the activities that I engage in or have engaged in on a regular basis:

Learning about and customizing Linux and other Unix like operating systems,
Studying, speaking, and learning to read Japanese,
Producing tons of Creative Commons licensed teaching materials, hiking, biking, bouldering, swimming, running, yoga, strength training, juggling, sleight of hand, painting, sketching, making miniature figurines, photography, vector art, photo-editing, scrapbooking, making manga/comics, writing long form fiction, writing poetry, writing simple software and scripts, producing short form film, cooking, baking, reading, drinking scotch whiskey and good beer.

This is not comprehensive, but it is a good window into a bit of the things into which I have put and in most cases continue to put a lot of my energy.


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