2011 Lunar Eclipse from Kochi, Japan

Last night my girlfriend and I went to the river to watch the lunar eclipse. The conditions were rather fantastic.  It was happening between 9-11 pm on a Saturday night.  The sky was cloudless, and it was only about 7-9 degrees Celsius out.

Miu is cold.

Miu's "I'm COLD" face.

That’s rather cold for us though.  We were both wearing about four layers of clothing in preparation for standing around and craning our neck up at the sky for two hours.  We got in and out of the car to keep warm and rest our necks.

There weren’t many other spectators out by the river for the first hour and a half, but by 10:30 at least half a dozen other cars had come down to look or shoot the moon.  I got a pretty nice progression.  I didn’t time the shot intervals at all, just kinda took them when it seemed like it had changed a bit.  The eclipse is a very very slow process, and it feels especially slow towards the edges.

2011 Lunar Eclipse Progression

2011 Lunar Eclipse Progression

Unfortunately my camera battery died right before the full eclipse, which was really too bad since the stars were beautiful and the moon was sitting right atop Orion’s bow.  Would’ve been a really nice long-exposure shot if I had the chance to take it.  Even still, I’m rather happy with the progression I got.  The blurry photo was taken with the same shutter speed as the previous photographs, and the following three show it after the shutter speed was adjusted to accommodate the lower level of light coming from the moon.

The word for “lunar eclipse” in Japanese is interesting, maybe a little easier to understand than English.  It’s pronounced “gesshoku” and written 月食 in kanji.  Literally it means “moon-eat” as in the moon is being eaten.

In other news, today I stopped by another coffee shop in Ino town that I hadn’t been to yet and read some more of “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield.  His take on writing about spirituality is interesting, as he is not blindly spiritual, but instead primarily a rational person who forsakes some of that rationality for the sake of his art.  I had parked my car at the supermarket, Sunshine Ravina, next door and when I went back to my car I figured I would patronize the place since I was using their parking lot.  In doing so, I found a rare item within, Duck meat.  Excited, I bought it (despite the rather high price of 880 yen for maybe 200 grams) and cooked it up for a donburi lunch when I got home.  I cooked the attached tsuyu packet (the meat was intended for a duck nabe) into the rice.

Duck Donburi

Duck Donburi


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