My Dream

I just finished reading Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art”.  Yesterday I listened in on a bit of a class taught to some of my elementary school students about finding and reaching your dream.  As both of these happened at the same time as I’ve been pondering what my next step after JET should be, I had a brilliant and simple idea.  I wrote “My Dream” at the top of a piece of paper and filled in my goal and steps to getting there below it.  I don’t know if I could have put this into words until now.

This is my revised version of what I wrote:

My Dream is to make language learning as fun, easy, and free a process as possible for as many people as possible.

Step 1.  Personal Experience

Continue learning Japanese until a high level of mastery.  Surpass JLPT N1.

Step 2.  Study the Concepts and get Certified

Get a degree in Applied Linguistics: Teaching Second and Foreign Languages.

Step 3.  Observe the Concepts

Learn a third language while taking notes on the process and while developing a set of tools which aid me in the learning process.

Step 4.  Practice the Methodology

Teach Japanese as a foreign language successfully for five or more years.  Attempt to integrate or improve the set of tools I made for myself.

Step 5.  Improve the Methodology and Paradigm

Advance foreign language learning and cultural exchange by using, contributing to, and developing free and open materials, processes, and technologies.

The Ultimate Lofty Ideal:  Anyone should be able to learn any language in the world for little to no cost and with no restriction.  Anyone should be able to teach their own language, or help others to learn it, anywhere in the world with no restriction.



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2 responses to “My Dream

  1. Meagan

    Writing things down is powerful!

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