BSD Cravings

I’ve been having a pretty strong urge to try out PC-BSD again now that they’ve released a new version with more, non-KDE desktops included.  I use Crunchbang Linux at work and at home, and I run Mac OSX about half the time at home too.  I can tolerate OSX to some extent, but I definitely feel most comfortable in a non Aqua environment.  Aqua makes me feel kind like I’m sweaty and choking on a poisoned apple peel.  It kinda makes me want to cut the peel off the apple and get down to its BSD core!

I think what bothers me most about Apple is how much they expect you and direct you to use their products.  For example, you have to force quit DVD Player when you put in a different region DVD in the optical drive in order to use it without it being ejected automatically.  Another example is, in order to easily add images into a movie when editing with iMovie, you have to first load the images into iPhoto.  You can’t easily import them from a file…  The stupidity of it is difficult to grasp.  So, while I really do appreciate the sleek design and integration of the hardware and software that Apple manages I sometimes feel like someone’s taking a cheese grater to my fingers when I use their software.

Thus, BSD cravings.  More than anything, I’d like to just get to a point where I can say I feel comfortable using a BSD system, in the same way that I’m very comfortable running a Linux distribution.

KDE on the other hand reminds me of OSX and Aqua in all the bad ways… So, if I’m able to get PC-BSD 9.0 installed on one of my various aging laptops, then hopefully I’ll be able to give it a fair chance and evaluation and take the opportunity to learn the new ecosystem.


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