Script Frenzy 2012

As many of you know I’ve participated in the online novel writing competition called Nanowrimo for the past three years and finished my novel drafts two of those three times.  This year I’m going to attempt the sister competition, Script Frenzy, that happens in April.

Script Frenzy is largely uncharted territory for me, and on top of that I’m going to go at it with some extra baggage.  I’ve decided to write a graphic novel script in Japanese, largely as an exercise in Japanese composition.  Japanese is my second language, but I think I’m better served attempting a script in Japanese than I would be a novel.  I’m much more comfortable with spoken Japanese than I am with written Japanese and as that’s the primary component of a script, I think I might stand a chance.

The details are: 100 pages of properly formatted script within the 30 days of April.  I’m doing a graphic novel, but only the script part.  The images are not part of the competition.  Winning is completion, the prize is the result of your hard work and nothing more than the bragging rights associated with it.

I think I’m going to just use what I know and take the vantage point of a foreigner who has come to Japan for the main story, and pose some of the interesting facets of life of an expat and mix them into some sort of overarching story arc as well.  I’m in the pre-writing and planning stages as of today, so if you have any ideas or anything you think would be interesting to read in such a work, let me know.

As for the art, I haven’t decided if I want to try doing it myself or not. I’m a very amateur artist and the idea of illustrating a graphic novel is more than a little intimidating.  I might be able to pull something off, but it would be pretty embarrassing to look at.  More likely I’ll make it a freely-licensed work and post it on-line, if any artists decide that they like it they’ll be free to do the illustrations.


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