I’m convinced that mnemonics and similar learning techniques are the key to effective learning.

I’m not just talking about Roy G. Biv, Thirty days hath September, or the look at your knuckles and count the humps to remember the length of the months of the year.  But yes, those are included.

Mnemonics are incredibly powerful devices for remembering new information because it spreads out our network of mental associations with the new information.  We need to connect new information to old information for it to be meaningful.  The way it’s connected doesn’t really matter, but those connections give us paths to re-access the material.

Thus, if you want to learn something new: Associate it with something you know, assign an arbitrary rhyme to it, tell yourself it reminds you of something, or draw a picture of it.

Want to remember that list of suggestions?  Try making your own mnemonic for what I suggested, let me know how that goes.



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4 responses to “Mnemonics

  1. hi.
    I agree with your view on mnemonics. I have created a web site called to help users create visual associations withe keywords they wish to remember. I think you may find it to intereted and would welcome any feedback.

    • Thanks for the comment Noel. I checked out your site. It looks like it has potential, but you need to do a lot of polishing. The user interface isn’t well unified and the overall appearance is a little unprofessional. I intend to watch how the site develops.

      • Hi,
        thanks for your feedback, yes the site is in private beta at the moment and i am focusing on functionality for now, and am updating the site on an ongoing basis. I agree with you tho, a little polish and uniformity goes a long way.

  2. Also if you have any subject matter that you think would work well with visual mnemonics let me know ..and i will create a hippofy topic.

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