My Computers

I have five computers.  I plan to update this post with screenshots, and more details in the near future.

2009 Mac Mini with OSX Snow Leopard dual booting #! Statler.  It has 4gb of ram, a dual core processor, and 500gb of HD space.

2005 IBM Thinkpad t42 running #! Statler.  It has 1 gb of ram (after removing an additional faulty stick of 1gb I had installed), Pentium M processor, 80gb of HD space, and a terrible dying battery.  It basically needs to be plugged in to be useful.

2005 Dell Inspiron 2200 running #! Statler.  It has 768mb of ram (after adding my Thinkpad’s original 256mb chip), a Pentium M processor, 40gb of HD space.  It’s very comparable to the Thinkpad and I use it as my work computer.

Old Toshiba Satellite running #! Statler.  It has 256mb of ram, an old celeron processor, 20gb of HD space.  It also has a removable floppy drive that I can switch out for the DVD-rom optical drive, kinda cool but useless feature.  It also needs a plug-in wireless card as it doesn’t have built-in wireless.  The Toshiba motherboard runs a very Linux-unfriendly bios, as such I can only run the thing with acpi=off.  I have no idea if it will die with continued use or I will dump it first.

Dell Inspiron.  2gb of ram, high resolution screen, dying monitor with many lines of dead pixels.  Dual-booting Windows XP SP3 and #! Statler.  Was a really nice laptop until the monitor started dying.  Battery doesn’t charge either.

I will hopefully be getting rid of the last two machines soon, leaving me with 1 desktop workstation for video editing, viewing, etc, 1 laptop for travel, 1 laptop for work.


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