Motivational Slump

I’ve been in a motivational slump lately.  Uninterested in most of the things I would like to be interested in.  Apathetic about housekeeping.  Narrowed focus to only a few activities, with the space between them filled by hollow internet browsing.  Blogging, as I’m doing now, would be better than what I’ve been doing these past few weeks.

I was definitely suffering from cultural fatigue for about a week, though I more or less pulled through that.  Now I’m just finding myself paralyzed in terms of productivity.

I want to blame it on shitty weather, too many things to do and not knowing where to start, sleep problems, noise pollution, and anything else that seems like a convenient out, but I get the feeling that the real cause is inner.

Here’s to tunneling my way out of this slump.


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