From hover cars to houses on Mars our ideas of the future have in part shaped how we developed it.  Science Fiction authors and futurists must be credited alongside scientists and brilliant minds that tested those waters and brought ideas to fruition.

Our technology develops ever faster limited by hard and fast bounds of physics as we know them, our availabile resources, and the creativity of those that develop.

The following is my image of what the Human existence might be like in 2075 CE, 63 years from now.

I will be eighty-eight years old and appear roughly fifty-five because in the year 2042 we will have slowed the process of visible aging to a fraction of it’s current rate throughout the majority of the world.  I will live in a small house alongside my wife.  We will have a kitchen, a bedroom, a workroom, and a relaxation room.

In the kitchen will be a multipurpose heating unit which can microwave, convection cook, boil, deepfry, steam, or otherwise prepare food with heat, a refrigeration and freezer unit with monitors on all its contents providing an automatically updated list of contents and noting approximate time until spoilage as well as other helpful information.  The sink will have access to water ranging from near boiling temperature to near freezing temperature and can be set to produce a specific volume of water, effectively managing wasted water.  The dishwasher accepts dishes one by one and re-uses the same refiltered water perpetually, sterilizing the dishes after washing with ultra-violet light or other similar additive free process.

The bedroom will be sound-dampened and have complete light blocking shades or curtains that can be set to open with sunrise, or to any other time specified.  The bed will be connected to various monitors and will have nearby cameras which will provide occupants with a detailed report on quality of sleep based on movement patterns and brain activity.  Obviously music and relaxing sound effects can be called to play on demand, anywhere throughout the house, played through surround sound speakers built into the walls.

The work room will have two separate work stations as well as a collaborative work table.  The tables will be ergonomically designed for our bodies.  Work done at these stations might range from word-processing such as writing letters, stories, scientific reports, or news articles to painting, editing film, or composing music.  Sound dampening curtains or dividers can be drawn to surround an individual if they need quiet or isolation.  In another corner of the work room will be the 2d and 3d printers, capable of reproducing practically anything one might need.  The material recycler will be beside them, connected to the city materials infrastucture.

The relaxation room will be a combination media-center and entertainment room for sharing with guests, watching films, reading or listening to stories or music, playing games, browsing the internet, etc.  Like the work room curtains or dividers can be used to section off the room improving privacy when needed.

Outside the house I have a green house, a fish farm, and a small hen house, producing a considerable amount of my own food though not all of it by any means.  I’ll also have a garden that my wife and I cooperate to manage.  The rest of our yard will have trees in it, enough to mostly cancel out the carbon footprint of our house.  Our roof will be covered in highly effective solar panels and we may or may not have a wind turbine, depending on neighborhood ordinances.  All of our hot-water heating and a considerable portion of our energy expenditure will be self-produced.

We will not own a car, opting instead to ride our bicycles or walk locally, and take public buses and trains for longer distances.  We will live in a small town in relative proximity to a large metropolitan area, requiring a twenty minute bus ride followed by a 90 minute train ride to reach.  Many of our friends will live in the city, but we will have several friends in our neighborhood as well.

We will participate in neighborhood sporting events like rock-climbing, cycling, swimming, and weight-lifting to maintain our health.  We will love our choice of place to live because of how pleasant our evening walks are, with beautiful views of the nearby mountains and the sounds of both natural and artificial streams and wildlife.

Our town will have a great number of restaurants and eateries, but will provide most of its jobs through the schools and a large-scale manufacturing plant, producing industrial scale objects and machines.

The city will have a very high population density with a very service-oriented economy split between the food and beverage and entertainment industries.  Transportation will be largely public transportation such as buses and trains, but private motorists will be permitted as well.  The costs of driving will be very high though and most people will prefer to remain relatively close to their home, making use of bicycles and walking.

Public gardens will be full of freely picked fruits and vegetables and taken care of by volunteer gardeners, but in general food prices will be quite low due to high yield crops grown just outside of city centers, in massive farms built after filling in the bulldozed urban sprawl of decades past.

Personal communications will be available in a range of unobtrusive ways, worn on various parts of the body and tied into personal fashion and style.  Every device will have access to global information via the internet and can communicate with anyone else whose connection details you have available.

Scientists will be working on developing automated resource factories which can be launched into the solar system from the soon to be completed space elevator, revolutionizing intersystem space travel and providing the potential for growing a Dyson ring in the 22nd century.  Citizens will be wowed by the thoughts of what to do with the boundless energy, but thoughts will still be on colonization of Mars, the moon, perhaps even terraforming Venus, and on making the journey to nearby stars.


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