Airport Limbo

I dunno if anyone else feels this way, but whenever I do a long series of connecting flights, I feel like I enter time-culture limbo the moment I step into the airport.

People stop being normal people in airports.  They turn into flying, time-travelling zombies trying to escape the endless chain of waiting to get back into the real world, where they will become people again.

They start taking on certain appearances too.  There’s the “In a hurry to make my flight” zombie, the “Oh no! I missed my flight, now what am I supposed to do?” zombie, the “This airline is a piece of crap and everything they say is a lie” zombie who can usually be heard fussing at some unfortunate customer service agent, and the most prevalent of all, the “Barely keeping my eyes open due to endless waiting” zombie.

I’ve played a bit of each part.  The best solution to waiting I’ve found yet is my kindle.  I try to see how much I can get read while I wait.  Finished two books this last round!  Not too bad for me 🙂



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2 responses to “Airport Limbo

  1. I think I am usually the ‘Barely keeping my eyes open zombie’ – except when I am the ‘Trying desparately to recover from air-sickness’ zombie, which is a pretty convincing look. 😉

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