Bakudan Onigiri – Rice Bomb

Huhuhuh… huhuh…. tee hee…

A gustatory obsession of mine finally impacted my brain in such a way that I realized it wasn’t that hard to self-manufacture.  That being: Bakudan Onigiri.  Literally it means Bomb Rice Ball.  And it is bomb indeed.  Typical onigiri have salmon or tuna and mayo in them, or maybe some soy-sauced flavored seaweed or bonito flakes.  These?  These have meat.  HOT meat.  Think of it like a mix between nikkuman and omusubi.  Or a donburi wrapped in nori.

My fascination stems from buying them roughly twice weekly at the 3F (スリーエフ) conbini in Japan.  Easy enough, but wouldn’t it be better if I could make my own? And I can!

The concept is simple enough.  Make some rice.  Ball it up with your hands.  Make a concave impression in one side.  Fill it with something delicious.  Close it with more rice.  Wrap it in nori.  BANG! Done.  That’s your bomb rice ball complete and ready to eat.

I recommend wetting your hands before handling the rice, it will help a lot.  Also, have the nori ready or you’ll never get it in there.  Once it’s all wrapped up, use some plastic wrap to secure it and seal the shape.


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