Relax Mark…

Lately I’ve been telling myself to take it easy.  I get worked up over things far to easily sometimes.  I don’t know how evident that is to those around me, but I’m less worried about that than I am my own mental health.

Really there’s rarely too much to worry about.  Things will work out one way or another.  I tend to think better on the spot than pre-planning everything anyway.  So whenever I’m feeling worried that I haven’t prepared a lesson well enough or something along those lines I just tell myself, oh well, it will work out.  And it does.

I also realized I’m probably a bit too hard on myself for not keeping the study and exercise schedule I think I should.  Most people watch hours of TV every day where I never do.  And in that time I’m often “not working out” or “not studying”, which is okay.  We all need time to just be, not to be working or thinking, just to passively exist.

Lately I’m trying to think of more relaxing ways to do that, redesigning my apartment in more easy to live in, comfortable arrangement that I can spend a couple hours not doing anything.


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