Plan to Spiderman

Here’s my plan to make it to Spiderman.  Getting it all back together.

Eat as fresh as I can without sacrificing the joys of living and social dining.

– Quantified that means that I’m preparing at least 21 meals per week.  Lots of cook once, eat for days dishes.  Ingredients are all from around the edge of the grocery store, fresh local vegetables, eggs, chicken, fish and mollusks, yogurt and fruit.  Dishes will include a variety of stirfry, salad, omelettes, baked chicken, steamed vegetables, curry, and soup.

– Eat until I’m not hungry anymore, put the fork down, put the rest in the fridge. Don’t eat until I’m stuffed.  Eat from small dishes to increase the psychological impact of each dish.

– Enjoy natural flavors and combinations and add spices, herbs, and salt and pepper but avoid sugar and dressings.  This aspect will be good training for my culinary skills.

– Make a point to create a nice presentation of everything I cook.  Eat it with my eyes first, Japanese style.

– Avoid grain and big calorie starches in favor of colorful vegetables.

– If I go out drinking, set a limit of three drinks for the night.

– Drink water and low caffeine tea, and one cup of delicious coffee a week.

Workout everyday, strictly.

– Necessary walking between places I’m going doesn’t count unless the starting point and ending point are more than 5k apart.

– I will do each of the following 7 workouts once per week: Walk 5k, Run 2km intervals, Swim 1km then four 50m sprints for time, Do 3 sets of pull-ups for max reps and 3 planks for max time,  Do 3 sets of push-ups and 3 sets of squats for max reps,  Do 5 sets of 10 push-ups and squats alternating between them for time, Jog 5k.

– When I have an event or mitigating circumstances I can substitute or double workouts.  Most are bodyweight so I won’t have too many limiting factors.  Granted that pull-ups and swimming require special equipment.

Climb whenever possible.

– Get to the real courses in Kochi this year.

– Get to the gym at least once a month.

– Go mountain stream climbing!

Log it all and make it social

– Write down every workout result in a notebook.   If I don’t have my notebook, e-mail myself from my phone.

– Invite my friends to come running and swimming with me.

– Take weekly photos of my torso when I wake up every Sunday.  Print them out and post them on my bulletin board.

I managed to get some push-ups done last night, so I’m going to run intervals today.


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  1. Goals are great I hope you attain yours in this endeavor. I need to something similar.

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