I’ve started revising my first Nanowrimo book.  I expect it to be a long process, but I think there’s some worthwhile stuff there that I really want to unlock.

The more I write the more I look back on what I’ve written.  I feel a bit as though it’s time to stop writing new stuff and time to spend more energy on polishing and revising.  Not because I don’t want to write new stuff, but because I think in the process of revision I’m going to learn as much about writing as I did when I wrote my first two Nanowrimo novels.  Once I have revised them I can apply the nuggets of wisdom I unearth to my other projects.

I have two finished novel rough drafts, The Flying Stone and Berkinston Magic.  The former is where I want to focus my efforts for the time being, Berkinston Magic is still too fresh in my mind to detach myself from the writing part.  Both are going to require some heavy duty work involving re-structuring the plot, doing a lot better characterization work, improving and rewriting dialogue, as well as general editorial work.

I have a ton of other writing projects I’ve started and do intend to flesh out in the future, Hugh’s Story, Update, The Epic Tale of the Goodie Goodies, The Silver River Above, and Red Sand Shores.  Two of those are fantasy and three are science-fiction.

I have a few projects I’ve basically given up on as well, as I started writing them I didn’t feel any real connection to the premise that I had originally expected I would.

I also have recently started writing a non-fiction book which I hope to market in the future about Teaching Yourself Japanese.  This I am still working on actively, but it doesn’t particularly distract me from my fiction endeavors and vice versa.


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