Gimp 2.8 is a gimp no more!

It has legs, strong legs and a straight back, and THERE IS ONLY ONE WINDOW!  At long last!  The most sought after feature of the open source photoshop replacement has finally been realized.

I found it in my latest update in Debian Testing, and what a pleasant surprise it was.  Though, I admit I didn’t know how to enable single window mode at first, because in the stupid floating main window, I couldn’t actually see all the menu bar buttons until I maximized it, revealing the “Window” menu.  Opening that, there’s a check box for single window mode.

I had a couple kinks getting it arranged neatly, but when I finally set the dock dialogs (previously separate window dialogs) into a useful arrangement, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders.  I can now recommend Gimp with no reservations.  People will come flocking now.  Ciao Adobe, it wasn’t really nice knowing you.

With Gimp 2.8 for raster graphics editing and photo manipulation, Inkscape for vector graphics editing and design, and Mypaint for digital painting with a pen tablet, the open source graphics suite is complete.

Ohhhhhh yeah.  I wanna throw a graphics party now.  Anyone have any good ideas for such an event?


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