The Silver River Above

In Japanese the Milky Way is described as 銀河 meaning “Silver River”.  I wanted to write a graphic novel for this year’s Script Frenzy back in April, but I didn’t think I could really make it happen this year, so I decided to not mess with it.

I still really like the basic idea that I came up with, and I want to elaborate on it so that I can eventually turn it into a graphic novel, or at least a story.  I’ve also been reviewing my nanowrimo novels and thinking about some of the fundamental problems with them.  Anyway, the point is I’m going to try to blog through my planning process, pre-writing, etc.  Just like most of my fiction, I’m writing for myself, not for profit, so I really don’t mind sharing everything publicly.

There are three protagonists in The Silver River Above.

Antione Tanizaki is a general in command of a huge fleet of starships engaged in interstellar combat.  Following him throughout the story we will see him change from a loyal defender of the Union to a subversive rebel.  His primary conflicts are with the political leaders of the Union.  The motivation for his change in character will come from evidence that the Union leaders are pursuing economic rather than moral interests, the lack of compassion towards the alien slaves used by the rebels, and the last straw will come from the Union leaders ignorance of Tanizaki’s heritage.

Kellan Brightwater is the captain of a deep space destroyer.  We will see him transform from a brash combatant and bold leader into a deeply philosophical thinker who questions the rationalizations used to justify the war.  The stimulus for his change will come from realizations of the interplay between the alien species, the rebels and the Union, observing the Union’s disregard for the Alien slaves, and reflection on his own brash attack on an Alien vessel.

Wolfgang Diego is a special operations agent in the vein of a Green Beret or Navy Seal.  Wolfgang provides contrast to the other two protagonists, as he supports the Union fully throughout the story.  Although it will seem like he doesn’t change, he will go through a moment of realization as well regarding the true state of affairs, but unlike the other two, Wolfgang will decide to follow through, unquestioningly.


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