Linux Desktops (2012 2nd Quarter Comparison)

Relatively little has changed in the Linux Desktop world since my last post in March.  As such this will be a relatively quick post.

I’d say the biggest news would be the targeting of Gnome 3 Fallback mode for primary use by a couple distributions.  Trisquel, one of the FSF’s approved distributions as well as Solus OS have decided to go this way, disregarding the Gnome team’s UI redesign, and instead opting to enable the “fallback mode” to be a more usable, less crippled environment.

Solus OS itself is another big one on the landscape now.  I covered this project led by Ikey Doherty already in more detail once.  Essentially it’s another competitor for being the home of the “traditional” Gnome experience, before the redesign for Gnome Shell.

KDE, XFCE, and LXDE progress slowly onwards.  No major news there.

Fedora released its Beefy Miracle to some praise, but it was still lackluster on my old hardware.

And lastly, Mageia pulled an Openoffice… It’s been released to the community, or rather abandoned by its sponsor.  In any case, just like LibreOffice and Openoffice, but to a lesser degree, the question of Why move on with both? remains.  Certainly there have been trivial improvements on both sides, but unlike the office software there’s no real ideological divide here, so why not just merge and move forward?  Let Mandriva rot and continue on with the community fork!  Just my opinion, please, share yours!


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