I’m a tech-lover, what can I say… here’s a list of toys I bought.

  • Nikon D40 DSLR.  Very satisfied, but bulky to take hiking.
  • Mac Mini.  Consumer remorse, I wanted the form factor, then found out it was an increasingly common design.
  • Everio HD Video Camera.  Somewhat satisfied.  I haven’t been as into filming as I was in college.
  • Kindle 3G.  Extremely satisfied.  This purchase completely changed my reading habits in a very positive way.
  • Midi Keyboard.  Somewhat satisfied.  I bought it from a friend for cheap, but I haven’t been doing much composition lately.

And a list of those I haven’t bought yet, but am considering:

  • 7 inch Galaxy Tab 2.  Still waiting to see how much better and cheaper the next line of tablets are going to be, I don’t need this so I’ll probably keep waiting.
  • Canon Powershot S100.  Supposedly a tiny point and shoot that gives me some flexibility for when I go hiking.
  • Pre-amp.  Better recording ability for audio work, I don’t do a lot, and I can get buy without it, but it would make things smoother and nice.

And a list of those I wanted at one point but decided not to buy:

  • Smart Phone.  Battery life is too poor.
  • mp3 Voice Recorder.  Don’t need.
  • Pedometer.  Don’t need.

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