In memory

I have had the displeasure to have had the pleasure to know several young folks that have passed on.

My soccer teammate from high school, whose name was Aaron, ended his life early.  He was a good soccer player, a good guy, and losing him was a loss to the world.

One of my classmates, Tommy, died in a car accident.  I have fewer good words to say about Tommy, but I was not happy to hear the news.

Another kid, Derek, from the same school but an older class also died in a car wreck.  He bullied me when I was younger, but I was not happy to hear the news.

Another kid from my school, I think her name was Sam, but I really don’t remember, also died in a car accident.  She was missing for days before they found her car that had rolled off the side of the road.

Another of my classmates, Travis, died as a result of an epileptic seizure while he was swimming.  I once conned Travis into trading me a pokemon card for a fake one that I fabricated.  I’ve felt bad about that ever since.  Travis took the brunt of a lot of bullying, and yet according to his family and friends he never really let it get to him.  Travis probably goes down in my memory as one of my heroes.

My closest friend to die, Brittney, ended her life in college.  Brittney was the first girl that ever made me think I was attractive as a man.  We never dated, but I wonder if circumstances had been different, if we might have.  I was destroyed by her suicide, I know I wasn’t the only one.  Hers was the only funeral of the people who I’m writing about here that I attended.

Most recently my college friend and peer role-model, Steven, also died.  I still don’t know the circumstances of his death, but it appears to have been kept private, and if that makes his family happier, then I am fine with that.  I’m sad still.  I wanted Steven to become president of the United States one day.  I didn’t agree with him, but I had faith that he would stay true to himself and the people he served or worked with no matter what he did in life.  His death was a tragedy.


I write this to remember.  I’m so scared I will forget.


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  1. Meagan

    Brave and beautiful writing, Mark.

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