It’s the afternoon of the age of the Internet

For me the Internet equals two words: Instant Gratification.

We can connect to everyone important to us, no matter where they are in the world*.  We can connect beyond those tight-knit circles too, tapping the public if we wish.  When we post some personal content, those connections give us feedback.  It’s the human social dream come true.  Speak, be heard, be spoken to, respond.  Instant gratification.  Furthermore, if you want to shut it out, it’s as easy as leaving your mobile behind and turning off your computer.  The information quiet can be wonderful.

*excluding those places without any connectivity of course.

I realized something many people have realized already, the kids that are born into this age get that benefit right from the start!  Some people probably think this is the downside of modern technology, that kids these days can’t focus or be patient because they’re trained by the Internet to expect instant gratification.  Yes, so?  The Internet isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  It’s the way we will grow as a global community, ignoring distance in favor of connectivity.

Now we must breach the language barriers, and solve the economic crises troubling us today, and connect the rest of the world as we continue stepping towards a truly global society.


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