Dungeons and Dragons: Between Town and Dungeon

I propose a question and a couple potential answers to that question regarding adventure design and game-play.

Q: How do you move the PCs from dungeon to town and back?

A1: With two lines of narration and a wandering monster check.

I think that this strategy works well for highly dungeon-oriented adventures with little to no reliance on town and overland encounters, and also applies well to return trips to previously visited dungeons and locales.

A2: Day by day, with a survival check per day of travel to determine direction of actual travel vs. intended direction, dealing with overland obstacles, and a wandering monster check or two.

I believe this strategy is potentially appropriate for first time trips to a new dungeon (especially for more experienced PCs capable of handling themselves in the wilderness), as well as for sandbox campaigns.

In general though, if the campaigns are oriented around dungeons, I think it’s better to scoot them off to the dungeon ASAP without worrying about getting lost or killed on the way.

What do you think?


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