Role-playing Adventure Hooks I

Killing time with a blog post, how about some adventure hooks for Dungeons and Dragons, or other pen and paper RPGs?

1.  An earlier adventurer party ventured into a dungeon, only one member came out and he’s looking for help to recover whatever remains of his friends.

a. Maybe he really is who he says he is and really wants what he says he wants, or maybe he’s the one that killed them?

b. When you get to the place he left them, they weren’t there, but a trail seems like it might lead to the perpetrator.

c. You find them alright, upright and walking, and under the command of a necromancer!



2. There’s a map on the wall of the adventurers guild.  It’s 2/3 complete, and careful examination of a pattern of ruins makes it appear as though another ruined palace might be somewhere right in the middle of the unexplored section.

a.  It’s there, and a veritable treasure trove, along with fully unsprung traps!

b.  It’s there alright, but it isn’t ruined at all!

c.  It isn’t there at all, it looks like the map was part of an elaborate ruse to bring you here… but why?


3.  A dragon has moved in and begun demanding tribute.  It wants either a beautiful maiden or a hundred pieces of gold per head it agrees not to roast.  The villagers are considering sending a girl.

a.  The dragon isn’t actually a dragon, but an intelligent kobold.


b.  The dragon is real and serious, though what it wants with the maiden isn’t quite known… (another employer, half-dragon baby mother, likes the taste of roast virgin).






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