Free time problem? I don’t think so…

So you say you have too much free time?  You say it’s a problem?  I say you are losing a battle with creativity!

It’s okay, we all lose that battle from time to time.  As an assistant language teacher in Japan, I have very little responsibilities during the schools’ summer holidays, but I’m still required to show up at work as part of my contract.

This means, if I don’t create tasks for myself to do then I just sit there doing nothing all day, Oh NOEZ!  We must solve this problem, and I have a few ideas for you (some inspired by my friends and compadres)

Today I spent most of my time filming and uploading video flashcards to Youtube.

Here’s an example of one:

Another of my friends is spending her time learning and practicing the art of Origami, combining her cultural education with a skill she can take with her.

A great use of time is studying.  Whether it be for your current career, a future career, learning a new language, practicing a language you already know, a graduate exam of some sort like the LSAT, MCAT or GRE.

Getting ahead on the beginning of the next term or busy period if you can by preparing and organizing lessons, writing up plans, even practicing the execution.

Read the news, stay up on world events.

Or you could always write.


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