11 years after September 11

I remember all the bloody fucking numerology experts that appeared after that day.  I wonder what they’re writing about now… actually no I don’t, I don’t give a fuck.

September 11 made me sad, first because of the pointless waste of human life on that day, but more because of the pointless waste of human life that’s been consumed in the violent rampage that followed it.

The U.S.A. needs to remove all military presence from the middle east where not welcomed by the entire country, i.e. basically everywhere.  I bear no grudge against anyone based on their religion or ethnicity, but I bear lots of grudge against politics and on that basis I believe that the U.S. needs to stop supporting everything Israel says and does.  Israel scares me as much as Iran.

This whole crap is just a modern day crusade and it needs to end.  Until it does we’re going to continue to have a bloody world full of hate and anger and misunderstanding.  For those people who think that the world can’t reach a peaceful state when religions are allowed to rule them, I respond with progress proves otherwise.  People fight oppression, sometimes it takes time, but typically oppressive governments end themselves.

If anything I say to you who are angry, take a deep breath and walk away.  Come and talk when your words aren’t filled with hate.  If you must walk for a long time before your mind cools down into a nice chill place, then take a long walk.  Patience is a virtue.


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