So you’re excited about Gnu/Linux/BSD…

tech support [By Vaughn R. Larson [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons]

So you’re excited about Gnu/Linux/BSD, you want to express your new found or continuing love to the world, but more than that you want everyone around you to share it!  It’s free, wonderful, and extensible in ways that those “other” OSes will never be, of course everyone would want to use it right?

Maybe, eventually.  That doesn’t mean they want you to bother them about it.  I’ve realized a lot of people get turned off by Linux zealots like me always telling them they’d be better off with Linux.

I recommend instead reserving your recommendations for choice moments:  They’re polling for ideas regarding a new technology purchase, they’re trying to recover from a crash or considering upgrading a “bogged down” computer, they’re searching for a solution to a specific problem that you know how to solve with Linux, et al.

Furthermore when you recommend it, follow through.  Offer to guide them through the process, be there in person, provide the discs/USB drives, etc.  And to that point, don’t suggest things you can’t support, if things go sour they’ll just end up with a very bad taste in their mouth and your effort will be spoiled, maybe permanently.

So the take-away message is, you will be rewarded for your restraint.  People respect poignant pundits, not wild screaming zealots.  Respect wins favor, and favor is the path to the dark si… I mean Linux et al.


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  1. Much more impressive is to make a document with Open Source tools, then send it to the boss. Let them know, later, casually, you made it happen on Linux. Drives my boss mad!

    Confidence trumps flash everytime.

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