Fuduntu to FuSE: Providing interesting alternatives

It seems to me that the folks that brought us Fuduntu and will soon be bringing us FuSE (assuming openSUSE has no issues with it) are primarily interested in presenting interesting alternatives for the desktop linux community.

Many distributions thrive by appealing to a certain niche of users, by providing less common desktop environments or window managers, application and configuration bundles for specific tasks, or a set-up for a particular architecture or type of computer.

Fuduntu/FuSE seems to be different.  Fuduntu’s mission statement was to combine the best of Ubuntu and Fedora, they did that by building a “user-focused” desktop distribution based off of the rpm-centric Fedora.  Since the packaging hell involved in maintaining a gnome2 oriented environment on Fedora wasn’t worth the effort they decided to bail before the ship ran into even greater head-ache inducing problems.

The new approach with FuSE is still in its foundational stages, but is completely different in its fundamental set-up than Fuduntu was.  They’ll be basing Consort (from Ikey Doherty’s SolusOS) on openSUSE!  I suppose the user-focused aspect really doesn’t change, but everything else will.  OpenSUSE is an RPM distribution, but it’s not Fedora.  And Consort is a classic-style desktop environment, but it’s not Gnome2.

Best wishes to them in their new endeavor, it’s sure to attract a good number of community members, distro hoppers, and others as well.


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