Think, Design, Test, Iterate.

There’s a pattern used in businesses for product development.  First a product is conceived of.  Then it is designed and prototyped.  Once the working prototype is ready it is tested.  Testing reveals problems with the design and suboptimal performance.  Observations made during testing are then considered, the product is redesigned, the redesign is prototyped and tested, and the test results are considered again for the next iteration.

It is a pattern that repeats until the resultant product is considered satisfactory.  It’s similar to patterns in other sectors as well.  Teachers go through a similar process with lesson planning.  There is some target material to cover.  They plan their lesson.  They implement their plan and then take notes on how well it went, and evaluate the students’ understanding.  Then they modify their plans for practice, review, and for teaching the same material to the next class.

This is how we improve.

It’s a useful process for our personal lives as well, and of course we all walk through those motions from time to time.  I recommend formalizing the process occasionally.  Consider your personal goals, weight loss, muscle gain, productivity gain, new habit, etc.  Design your game plan, write down specific steps you will take to make it happen.  Put it in action.  Write down the results of your attempts.  Iterate.



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