Long Term Goals: The 25 year project

When I was 25 years old (not long ago) I decided to set a goal to complete by the time I’m 50 years old.  25 years is a long time to work on a goal, but to be honest it’s probably a realistic time span.

The goal: Create a media production of greater quality and relevance than the original Star Wars trilogy.

The crew: I managed to get a couple of my friends to agree to work with me on it.  Obviously I don’t know if they will stick to it or not, but for the time being that’s okay.  Here’s hoping we all do.

My job: Writing, world-building, plotting, characterization.

How to get there: Write a lot and constantly improve my writing and story telling.  Master the craft of the narrative.  Read and watch others works and learn from them.

Progress report: I’ve been writing, not so much as I’d like, but writing none the less.  The project sits in the back of my brain encouraging me to keep up the work.  More importantly perhaps at this stage, I have been dissecting the narratives I read, getting up close and personal with conflict, characters, and plot.

Timeline: 5 years at a time

25-30: Write a solid, good, fully edited novel length narrative. Publish it.

30-35: Learn from mistakes and criticism.  Write two more.  Establish a professional creative network of media creators.

35-40: Expand professional network. Write a new media, if I’ve been doing novels, switch to screenplays.

40-45: Write and produce something that gets mainstream media attention.

45-50: Produce the masterpiece.


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  1. nowonelse

    time passes far more quickly than we realise…. trust me, I’m old enough to say that…… but still young enough to understand your game plan (just about)
    I also love script writing and film production

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