There are only beginnings

There are only beginnings, no endings save the final end and even that is a new beginning for others. We set goals for ourselves to complete, but everyday we start them anew, maybe from a different starting place, maybe the same. Completion of a goal opens us to our next step, our next phase, or our next project.

I’ve finally reached the end of a major goal, completing a 200 hour yoga teacher training, to find that it really only marks the beginning of my journey as a yogi. I have some new tools to work with, and now I have to use them to make many new beginnings from here on out:

Implementing what I learned in my daily practice,
Learning verbal cues in Japanese,
Practicing leading others in Japanese,
Finding students,

I think it all goes back to the iterative cycle of business, which is life. And one of the most important things I took from the teacher training was the Niyama called Santosha, the moral observence of contentment. I have to be content in this fact of life. I think I am, and when I’m not, I know where I need to begin my exercises.


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