Linux Application Highlights: catfish and gnome-activity-journal

One of the perks of open source software is that upgrades are as free as the originals, and the software is constantly getting better. The recent version of catfish, a graphical file search utility and gnome-activity-journal are tool extremely useful tools that have been made possible because of major improvements in the zeitgeist framework.

Catfish used to basically just be a graphical front-end to the “find” and “locate” command line utilities, but because of the way it was set-up it made actually finding files difficult unless you knew how both of those utilities worked. In recent versions these pieces have been either put in the background, or done away with (I don’t know which), presenting the user with a simple search box that will actually successfully find files being searched for. The results can be displayed either as a simple list, or with thumbnail previews too. In general the layout improvements are very good in my opinion.

Gnome-activity-journal is basically a glorified recent files list. It shows you what you’ve been working on and when. It works, works well, and looks decent.

Together (or apart for that matter), these tools make finding your files easier than ever. Props to the developers.


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