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Talking about Japan, where I have spent a number of years of my life.

Uguisu – short fiction

Every now and then a bird cries at the window in my room. I have never once thought about what it means. My mind has been stuck on a nagging discomfort for the past eleven months. The bird is called an uguisu in Japanese. It has an English name too, but why would you call a bird endemic to Japan by its English name? I’ll have to look into why it is that birds cry at people’s windows. Continue reading


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English Builders Eikaiwa School Open!


Today I officially opened my doors to applications for new students. Continue reading

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Izakaya at Home

Izakaya style dinner
Sometimes you’re hungry for izakaya style food… but you really just want to drink your beer out of a jar. When that happens, you’re pretty much left to do the cooking yourself, unless you’re brave enough to bring your own jar to an izakaya… let me know if you’ve tried that. For the time being, I’ll share with you how to produce an izakaya style dinner at home. Continue reading

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Homemade Chicken Sausages

14. Finished product


  • 700 grams ground chicken thigh meat
  • diced onions, garlic, or leeks
  • 1 egg
  • sage
  • black pepper
  • salt

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Spring Trip to Osaka and Kobe

I recently went to Osaka to get some official papers from the consulate there.  I made a little trip out of it.  Here are my redacted logs (names and personal information removed):

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Ways to learn and memorize Kanji

As a long-time student of Japanese one ever present aspect of my study is that of kanji.  For my generation the word kanji is fairly well known, for older generations it means Chinese character or glyph.  Though called Chinese characters the word kanji is Japanese.  The reason for this is that the Japanese language adopted the Chinese writing system some centuries ago.   Continue reading

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