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Home Improvement – Brick Corner

I had some unused bricks in a stack. I had an ugly little corner baring itself to the neighborhood. So I took care of both problems.







Before improvement.


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Think, Design, Test, Iterate.

There’s a pattern used in businesses for product development.  First a product is conceived of.  Then it is designed and prototyped.  Once the working prototype is ready it is tested.  Testing reveals problems with the design and suboptimal performance.  Observations made during testing are then considered, the product is redesigned, the redesign is prototyped and tested, and the test results are considered again for the next iteration.

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From hover cars to houses on Mars our ideas of the future have in part shaped how we developed it.  Science Fiction authors and futurists must be credited alongside scientists and brilliant minds that tested those waters and brought ideas to fruition. Continue reading

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Level Up

I have officially leveled up at climbing.

I went into the gym this evening and readily cleared my first 4th rank course.  I’ve been working on this particular course for over a month across four or so visits to the gym.

After clearing that course I then handily cleared two more 4th rank courses and then made progress on a fourth.  I also did better than I ever have on the extremely steep overhang wall on two 5th rank courses that I’d never been able to even start before.

It felt… amazing.

For some perspective I started out climbing around the 6th rank level and plateaued heavily at the 5th rank.  Once I started renting climbing shoes I did a lot better.  There are still plenty of 5th rank courses that I can’t clear, but some of that has to do with strength that I just don’t have yet.

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