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Project: English Language Grammar for TESOL

Over the past few years I’ve been piddling about working on an English Language grammar that covers the language in a comprehensive way that is also useful as a single go-to reference for teaching. I have a few goals with this project: Continue reading


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Ways to learn and memorize Kanji

As a long-time student of Japanese one ever present aspect of my study is that of kanji.  For my generation the word kanji is fairly well known, for older generations it means Chinese character or glyph.  Though called Chinese characters the word kanji is Japanese.  The reason for this is that the Japanese language adopted the Chinese writing system some centuries ago.   Continue reading

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Teach Yourself Japanese

I’m thinking about writing a book to sell.

The topic would be about teaching yourself Japanese, with both language content and methodology inside.

It would guide you through the difficulties in literacy, grammatical structure, and linguistic-culture.
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My Dream

I just finished reading Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art”.  Yesterday I listened in on a bit of a class taught to some of my elementary school students about finding and reaching your dream.  As both of these happened at the same time as I’ve been pondering what my next step after JET should be, I had a brilliant and simple idea.  I wrote “My Dream” at the top of a piece of paper and filled in my goal and steps to getting there below it.  I don’t know if I could have put this into words until now. Continue reading


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Spring Time

It’s spring!  Officially and seemingly.  The cherry trees on the mountain-sides are blooming, freckling the green and brown swathes with splotches of the season’s pink and white.  With spring comes YARUKI. Continue reading


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