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Scrap wood and salvage

Today I deconstructed some more old furniture. It was in worse condition than I realized. I also used a hand plane that was in pretty bad shape to plane off the rotting layers off of some otherwise good boards. Found some boards that had become ant nests… and generally cleaned up a bunch of scrap wood lying around.

I want to get an inventory of what all is here so I can avoid buying any unnecessary wood. Wood is expensive. It also requires a place to store it, and at the moment anyway I don’t have particularly good wood storage. Looking again at some of the things lying around, I realized there are some huge boards being used as a shelf that I intend to get rid of eventually anyway. I will be keeping those in mind.

The saw horses and clamps were wonderful! I could stabilize pieces I was working on with the circular saw, meaning I could actually cut some pretty small pieces. I am already seeing though how useful a tablesaw would be and also how much space you need for clearance of the pieces you’re running through it.


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