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Uguisu – short fiction

Every now and then a bird cries at the window in my room. I have never once thought about what it means. My mind has been stuck on a nagging discomfort for the past eleven months. The bird is called an uguisu in Japanese. It has an English name too, but why would you call a bird endemic to Japan by its English name? I’ll have to look into why it is that birds cry at people’s windows. Continue reading


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Long Term Goals: The 25 year project

When I was 25 years old (not long ago) I decided to set a goal to complete by the time I’m 50 years old.  25 years is a long time to work on a goal, but to be honest it’s probably a realistic time span.

The goal: Create a media production of greater quality and relevance than the original Star Wars trilogy. Continue reading

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Using symbolism as an atheist

Though I’ve touched on the topic before, I think this topic deserves some additional attention.  I believe in being a moral member of society (of course right?), and I also believe quite firmly that no one needs to pay any attention to religion or by extension, singular, plural, or omni gods to be such a member.  Thus I am an atheist.   Continue reading

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Personal Growth

I have seen the future! My future, and it’s glorious.  Better than I had ever thought possible, truly.  And I will, as my favorite starship captain always says, “make it so.”

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I’ve mentioned before my intent to revise or rewrite my previous novel draft that I created during my first Nanowrimo.  Well, the time has come, I’ve started that process.

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Simulation [Writing Stub]

Augustus slapped on his SimGlass and blinked into his personna. His armor of black scutes grew around him and his mind flickered as parts of his brain remapped to control his expanding draconic wings. His mind focused again and his glaive appeared in his hands, his pride after months of work. He brandished it and the blade gleamed in the false sun’s light.

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You should do Nanowrimo this year

It’s July.  International novel writing month is in November.  You should participate this year.  See what you have on your schedule for November.  Clear what you can, and keep your evenings open.  Nanowrimo takes at least two hours per day on average if you write with reckless abandon, and you should.

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