I love stories.  Since 2009 I’ve been writing novels and other long-form works, as a teenager I wrote lots of poetry.  In the future I also intend to write children’s books.  Unless otherwise noted all works made available here are available under the Creative Commons – Attribution, Share-Alike license.  That’s more liberal than the standard “All rights reserved” license.

Write for Ten:  I post under the name orionthehunter


Travels in Japan A digital magazine I put together featuring a few of my experiences in Japan.  Print quality at 300dpi resolution and made available to you as Creative Commons – Attribution, Share-Alike.

Spontaneous Microfiction:

Half Mile Shot  An archer fires a killer shot, just before something terrible happens.


The Death of Youth – A poem I wrote in reaction to the suicide of one of my friends.

Photorealistic Truth – About perception, especially visual perception.

I seem to be dynamic – A stream of consciousness poem

Purge your boredom – Get beyond your blockage.


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